About Jordan World Circus

About Jordan World Circus
The JORDAN WORLD CIRCUS, one of North America's premier traveling circuses, is owned and produced by Jody Jordan of Las Vegas, Nevada. Hailing from a long background of aerialists and circus performers, Jordan brings a unique talent to the circus management field... Read More

Brief History of the Circus
People have been going to circuses in this country for almost three hundred years! It has always been a popular form of family entertainment from the start, and continues so to this day. Where else can you see an elephant perform or a daring young lady hang by her teeth 25 feet in the air... Read More

Did You Know?
Circus facts are truly amazing. For example, Did you Know...
... that Burt Lancaster, Red Skelton, W. C. Fields, David Nelson and Harry James all performed in the circus early in their careers.
.... that the first flying trapeze act was performed in France on November 12, 1859 by Jules Leotard the man who also invented the leotard. Read More